Reform of the Power, Gas & Oil Sector in Tunisia (TUNEREP)

Tunisia has embarked on a new approach to energy transition as a result of a new socio-political environment and an ever-increasing demand for energy. Under the auspices of the TUNEREP project, Mercados- Aries International accompanied ANEM, the Tunisian Agency for Energy Management, in the ambitious effort to align the institutional and investment plans of the […]

Study on Tariff Design for Power & Gas Distribution Systems

Recommendations were provided on EU wide principles and 30 + tariff indicators, as well as best practices were identified to calculate and design distribution tariffs. Specific recommendations were made on effective regulatory frameworks in the context of innovative technologies, multiple options and investment impact on areas beyond DSOs’ control. The project’s final report was published […]

Development of a Legal and Regulatory Framework for the Gas Sector in Jamaica

Mercados-Aries International supported the Government of Jamaica in developing the regulatory and legislative policy framework needed for the successful introduction and operation of natural gas as the next generation fuel in the country. The developed rules and regulations enabled the Regulator to encourage widespread availability, reliability and quality of services, fair treatment of consumers, achieve […]

Technical Advisory for Brava Sustainable Island Project formulation

The specific objective of this consultancy is to support the formulation of the Brava Sustainable Island Project with links to the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),and to help prepare the next steps required for its future implementation.  This project goes beyond initial rationale made for Brava 100% RE by embracing sustainable development across all main sector. The […]

Study for improving Ukrainian gas distribution system tariff setting framework

This study aimed at the improvement of the economic and operational efficiency of Ukraine’s gas distribution networks and at contributing to the formulation and regulation of tariffs for the operators of the gas distribution networks. Mercados-Aries International developed a set of operational efficiency indicators for the Ukrainian gas distribution system operators and performed a comparative […]

Review and evaluation of the Water Price Reform in Saudi Arabia

Mercados-Aries International assisted the Executive Committee on Governance of Energy & Water Products Price Adjustment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in developing and strengthening the electricity and water price reform. In this context we provided on-demand advice on areas such as power and water investment plan assessment, WACC, Regulatory and Asset Base (RAB) methodology, […]

Study of water and electric energy tariffs in Gabon

The aim of study was to support the Government of Gabon in ensuring the continuity of the public service of drinking water and electricity following the termination of the concession contract with the Gabon Energy and Water Company (SEEG). To achieve this, Mercados-Aries International performed a demand study to analyse the past evolution and project […]

Study on regulatory incentives for investments in electricity and gas infrastructure projects

In this study Mercados-Aries International assisted the EC in identifying the regulatory solutions able to ensure that the projects of common interest (PCIs) were delivered on time to reach the EU’s energy and climate goals, despite possible higher risks with regards to comparable infrastructure projects. Thea main axes of the study evolved around identifying: possible […]

Study on the role of gas storage in internal market and in ensuring security of supply

Mercados-Aries prepared for the EC a factual overview of the situation of gas storages in the European gas market on the basis of a thorough data gathering and processing exercise. By providing reliable data on the gas storage situation in different Member States, the study presented a clear picture of the availability of storage capacities […]

Technical Assistance to Support the Gas Sector Reform in Egypt

The aim of the assignment is to support the implementation of the ongoing gas sector reforms in Egypt, through the operationalization of the Gas Regulator (EGAS). Mercados Aries International forms part of a consortium that accompanies EGAS in this ambitious process.Our work focuses mainly in the development of the methodology and calculation procedure for the […]