Research & Development

The speed of changes in this global world is demanding new ideas and state-of-the-art solutions that can help our clients to be more competitive and successful in their business. We are aware of their difficulties and work on finding solutions.

Our R&D program materializes our commitment to provide the most effective and innovative solutions to our clients. MAI R&D Program is being successfully running for years, and new ideas and solutions are put in place to improve our services and help our clients.

Our Consultants and Experts are working daily on our client’s projects which make them aware of client’s problems and needs. All of them count on the expertise, knowledge, and a proactive environment within the company to be the best source of innovation.

MAI also collaborates with our clients in their R&D programs and is open to any proposal for R&D development.

Some of our successful R&D projects in the past are ORDENA and SUNCASTER.

For more information on some of our ongoing R&D projects please click on the pictures.

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