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MAI has been in international consultancy for 25 years driving energy and environmental project around the world, helping to design and plan reliable supply systems based on renewable energies and the unique conditions on each environment.

25 Years of Worldwide
Consultancy Experience

We took a step further to become bigger with the capacity to plan and execute projects in
the Management Consulting, Energy, Water, and Environmental fields, advising, planning, and executing projects while ensuring that ESG criteria are fulfilled with each client.

Mercados Energéticos

The company was established with the aim to support the creation of regulatory energy markets.


Mercados EMI

Establishment of the headquarters in Madrid to provide services internationally.


The network unit enters into operation


Enter ÅF Group

The company enters a big Swedish group in other to further expand internationally.


AF Mercados EMI

The company consolidates in the energy area of AF Group as a branch.


+ AF Aries

Acquisition of a relevant renewable energy company to expand our services in green energy.


Mercados Aries International

The company exited AF Group In order to strengthen our sustainable footprint and to facilitate our support to governments and governmental agencies through IFI’s.


+ Ambinor & Grupo Alta Tensión

- Launch of Water units.
- Acquisition of Ambinor with the aim to reinforce our environmental skills.
- Acquisition of Grupo Alta Tensión to bring in additional engineering skills to further support our clients.


+ Gesambiente

Acquisition of Gesambiente to reinforce our activities in the water sector.


MAI Group

MAI Group is born with the merging of strategic partners to create four essential pillars of services:

- Management Consulting
- Energy
- Water
- Environment


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