Reform of the Power, Gas & Oil Sector in Tunisia (TUNEREP)

Tunisia has embarked on a new approach to energy transition as a result of a new socio-political environment and an ever-increasing demand for energy.

Under the auspices of the TUNEREP project, Mercados- Aries International accompanied ANEM, the Tunisian Agency for Energy Management, in the ambitious effort to align the institutional and investment plans of the central and operational entities of the energy sector with the emerging policy of Tunisia by:

  1. Limiting energy dependence through energy demand management and increasing national production of all primary energy sources.
  2. Ensuring that the country achieves its renewable energy potential and contributes to the development of the regional market by taking advantage of its strategic geographical location.

The project also contributed to the institutional development of the Tunisian administration in charge of implementing the energy policy and the capacity building of the incumbent authorities.

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