Comparing tariffs and regulatory frameworks in the EU

Tasks: Comparison of distribution tariffs throughout the 28 EU Member States. Evaluation of more than 30 indicators. Recommendations for Effective Regulatory Framewors. Study on EU-wide Tariff Design for Power & Gas Distribution Systems The assignment consisted in developing a comparison of distribution tariff structures and methodologies across the EU by analysing and benchmarking each Member […]

Optimizing the power generation plans in Kazakhstan

Works: Software for the short-term modelling: DigSilent Software for the long-term modelling: MAI’s proprietary software Ordena. Four possible development scenarios were proposed Principal stakeholders involved: Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC), Ministry of Finance, Samruk Kayzana, Various IPPs Least cost generation plan for Kazakhstan Under the USAID-funded Power the Future Program, MAI […]

Enabling wind projects and emissions reductions in Egypt

Goals: Instaled capacity: 250 MW 125 turbines type G97 Turbine hub height of 71 m 20-year PPA to EETC Emission reductions of 12,600,000 ton CO2e over the projects’ lifetime of 21 years Contributes to Egypt sustainable development goals- reaching 20% of renewables by 2022 Capacity Building on Wind BOO PPAs The MAI PRS team designed […]