Technical Assistance to the Project Management and Implementation Units for the Implementation of the Power Recovery Project in Albania

The objective of Mercados – Aries International for this assignment is to assist the Project Management Unit (PMU) at the Ministry of Energy and Industry and Project Implementation Units (PIU) the KESH, OST and OShEE in the procurement, monitoring, contract administration and supervision activities in the framework of implementation of the Power Recovery Project (PRP). The Project supports the implementation of Government’s Power Sector Recovery Plan(PRP).

This proposed project consists of four components:

  1. Securing short-term power supply;
  2. Improving distribution infrastructure;
  3. Upgrading transmission meter/data center;
  4. Providing project implementation support and institutional strengthening at the policy level to steer priority sector reforms.

Mercados Aries international was responsible for the Component 3 and Component 4. The project supports OST (transmission network operator) to install meters for medium voltage customers and IPPs as well as the establishment of a data/meter center at OST, and facilitate the development of the deregulated market for eligible suppliers, consumers, and IPPs.

The activities developed included assistance with the following: project management during the entire project cycle; preparation of the the bidding documents for all the respective contracts; contracts negotiation; assistance with other donors and consultants of this project and specially monitor and report on the performance of the Management Contractor for OShEE; financial and operational performance; training for PMU and PIU personnel and other activities.

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