International ESIA Disclosure Package and National ESIA of Power Generation Project in Morocco 

The Xlinks Power Generation Project in Morocco, Tan-Tan Project, is a large Renewable Energy Power Plant, that has the aim to carry solar and wind-generated electricity from Morocco to the United Kingdom with the following infrastructures:

This is a a large Renewable Energy Power Plant to export electricity from Morocco to UK:
• Installed Solar PV Capacity: 7 GW.
• Installed Wind Farm Capacity: 3.5 GW in the form of around 614 wind turbines.
• Battery Energy Storage System: 5GW / 20 GWh.
• HV Connection of 225 kV (Morocco output power / UK input power): 4.1 GW / 3.6 GW

The services carried out for this large project included:

  • Socio-economic survey and elaboration of a Community Development Plan for the power generation site.
  • Stakeholders Engagement Plan, SEP. It shall include the FPIC process and the Grievance Mechanism as well as a Communication Plan.
  • Archaeological assessment for the power generation site.
  • International Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, ESIA.
  • Environmental and Social Management Plan, ESMP.
  • Standalone Non-Technical Summary.
  • National ESIA, including the submission to the authorities and the support to the client during the clarifications period
  •  Birds and Bats, Critical Habitats, Noise and Shadow Flicker as well as Landscape and Visual Impacts Assessment.

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