Cost Minimization and Revenue Maximization for EEP.

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) is a fully government-owned public enterprise established to develop and provide electric power. Its financial viability is critical to the sustainability and growth for the overall generation & transmission operation and construction necessities. Currently the electricity tariff does not allow the company to recover its service cost. Moreover, it has created a challenge for the company’s ability to finance the investments required to meet the increasing demands in the sector.

Therefore, EEP needs a transversal strategy, oriented to establish the grounds to a long-term sustainable company that can provide the services for a country with a constantly growing demand, being especially aware that this sector has an impact in the whole economy and way of life of the population.

Mercados Aries was awarded this contract to formulate the needed strategy, covering all aspects related to the company performance and strategic approach. The consultant’s team is not meant to focus on one specific problem but to see the big picture and move in the direction that is required at any moment.

The key task are:

  • In-depth study of the existing system
  • Design and implementations of solutions to optimize the revenue of the company
  • Assist EEP become an efficiently operating and commercially viable enterprise

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Luis Cases

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