PV Plants Degradation Forecast

Mercados Aries International is currently working on an R&D project aiming at predicting PV plants degradation by using data production series and meteorology forecasts. This will help to optimize the maintenance work and claim manufacturing warranties.

PV Plant Production Forecast

In our search for optimization our energy predictions we are undergoing a R&D project by which through the use and analysis of weather forecasts and artificial intelligence we can obtain and accurate PV plant production forecast.

Ordena H2

The energy sector is in constant adaptation and change becoming Hydrogen and transport key factors. We are currently working on the improvement of the ORDENA® model to also consider H2 producing technologies, and different H2 demands with different price elasticities. This will allow to improve the results of ORDENA® in high decarbonization scenarios. The energy industry […]

Non – Technical Losses Detection

Non-Technical Losses (NTL) cause a serious damage to distribution companies, commonly these are detected by means of site inspections which are expensive and not very effective due to the commonly low fraud percentage. Mercados – Aries International is currently developing an R&D project based on Data Analysis and analysis of Consumption Patterns to detect NTL […]

Micro Hydro Power Plants Development-Water in Pakistan

The assignment aimed to provide support for the design and implementation of the Access to Clean Energy Program which objective is to increase access to energy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and Punjab in Pakistan by taking advantage of the clean energy resources in these provinces, which will ultimately bring economic growth in these remote areas […]