Electricity Market Report is now available for Q1 2021

Mercados – Aries International (MAI)’s has presented its 30 Year’s forecasts Report for Spanish electricity market and capture prices for Solar PV & Wind. The Q1 2021 Report shows a green landscape by 2050 with and renewables as main energy source. It also shows a moderate increasing trend showing that annual average prices in next […]

Lenders’ Technical Advisory Services for Sakaka PV Plant

Mercados – Aries International continues working on a project at Sakaka PV Plant. The company is providing Lenders’ Technical Advisory Services during the Operation and Maintenance phase of the Plant. The Project is located 30 km away from the city of Sakaka, in the Al Jouf region of KSA, with a total area of approximately 6.37 km2, 405MWp installed and 300MW rated power is connected to the Saudi […]

Owner´s engineer for a Solar PV plant in the Greater Banjul area

The World Bank has awarded Mercados – Aries International the Contract for the Owner´s Engineering services during the Construction of a Solar PV with BESS and the transmission line in Gambia. The plant is expected to have at least a 20MW output capacity and the BESS minimum size of 6MWh. Due to the weaknesses of […]