Economic & Regulatory Consulting.

Mercados Aries International has more than 20 years extensive experience in the development and restructuring of energy markets, legislation, regulation and economic studies.

MAI leverages our knowledge and resources (Ordena®) to provide governments and private clients with strategies that can successfully guide them through the current energy sector transition.

ORDENA® is the MAI in-house developed tool to determine the optimal schedule of generation, transmission and fuel infrastructure investments in the given area.

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We provide the following services:

Energy &
Water Economics.

  • Economic Analysis & Regulation.
  • Tariff Calculation & Design.
  • Subsidy optimization.
  • Demand Studies.
  • Master Planning.
  • CBAs.
  • Litigation Support


  • Ordena®Modelling.
  • Power Market Price Forecasting.
  • Dispatch Optimization.
  • Investment Assessment.
  • Restructuring and Unbundling.
  • Legislation Development.
  • Renewable Auctions.
  • RE & EE promotion.
  • National & Regional Power Markets design.
  • Energy Strategy.
Building Programs.
  • Study Tours.
  • Ad-hoc Training.
  • Institutional Development.

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